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Welcome to the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 Page!

It all began in October 2010, when our very first festival was experienced by 1,000 people from all walks of life, from across Europe and elsewhere. Many locals also took part in 2010, and you can be sure that they’ll be back again. The venue to which the festival moves this year makes things even more central. All of our events are held at one venue this year, and they run throughout the day and night to provide the most amazing experience, all at one location.

Malta FlagI have many more years than just the two organizing this salsa festival in Malta. I have a dedicated team around me who want to make the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 a perfect thrill for every salsero – young or old, experienced or novice. We offer a great range of dance experiences, from lessons to our themed night parties.

I have every confidence in our festival, because we know how epic an experience it has been in previous years for our guests. Their feedback has been phenomenal, and we intend to build upon it each year.

At the Malta Salsa Festival 2012, you will find loads of activities – both on site and off – for you to enjoy. There is a themed party every night, poolside festivities of all kinds, and you can of course come and go as you please to enjoy every aspect of Maltese culture, on all parts of the island. There are thousands of years of rich heritage on Malta, and the fusion of a modern dance style with an age old culture in the beautiful sunny climes and glorious beaches makes for an awesome vacation. All we want is for you to have fun. Our team comes from all across the globe, and we’re more than dance instructors – we’re also here to accommodate you and make things as enjoyable as possible while you learn to dance.

The Afro Cuban dance of salsa has a perfect home on the island, with its Mediterranean climate and amazing world class amenities. There are numerous reasons to come to the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 – the salsa itself can be the least or the most important.

air maltaYou’re likely to find yourself among a number of different cultures – with salsa dancers from Israel, Greece, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Holland and Jordan – all attending during previous festivals. This year is going to be bigger and better than ever.

A courteous Help Desk will steer you to the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 activities, offering plenty of support and info. And there are maps available too. So don’t be afraid to ask about what’s on offer – the activities aren’t limited to salsa, although if all you want to do is dance, there’s no stopping you!

Onsite services are provided in lavish 5 star style, with the Corinthia Beach Resort and its sister Hotel Next Door.

There are outdoor pool parties at which to meet and greet salsa enthusiasts. The more formal dance lessons may not be quite as conducive to getting to know people. Once you have a chance to let your hair down in the evening, and remove your jazz shoes to replace them with your sneakers, you may make new friends at the night time festivities. The Malta Salsa Festival 2012 is a great way for lovers of dance to make friends and to network in ways that weren’t possible even two decades ago.

Salseros of the world unite!

Oxley of London