welcome smilelySwimming pools have a long history in the ancient Mediterranean cultures of Europe and North Africa dating back almost five thousand years. Then, coming up to the modern era, for a millennium and a half or more in Europe, most people didn’t bother to swim. They were too busy farming to provide enough to feed themselves and their families. The Romans left their baths and their plumbing across Europe and elsewhere, but they were generally forgotten about. Swimming was a luxury for those who lived near clean rivers, where they could bathe –and even then, swimming was rare. But gradually people realized that swimming pools are a lot more fun than farming.

The modern era of swimming pools took off with this realization in the nineteenth century – at least in polite society – with clubs devoted to swimming. The hobby and sport grew with the launch of the modern Olympics in Athens in 1896.

The idea of bringing outdoor salsa pool party this year to our festival is to exploit Malta’s Mediterranean weather and to include some outdoor activities for you.

The Malta Salsa Festival 2012 Venue has 4 outdoor swimming pools plus an access to the Beach nearby.

Sun beds and parasols are provided.

The theme of our outdoor salsa pool party is akin to a black and white ball – with bathing suits as the substitute for ball gowns and tuxedoes. Sunglasses are optional for the celebrity theme. If you don’t have clothing or accessories to go with the theme, that’s fine too – just have fun!

If you look like Brangelina, Bennifer, or the love child of Humphrey Bogart and Megan Fox (made possible through some epic time travelling adventure), then all the better. However, defy the laws of temporal dynamics at your peril. And try to dress in black and white.

If all you’ve got is a Hawaiian teeshirt, then paint a moustache on your upper lip and go as Tom Selleck circa 1985. You don’t have to make an effort, but we know you’re likely to have some kind of semi formal, elegant, stylish gear with you on your salsa dancing trip. So just wear that on the outdoor salsa pool party.

If it is clear that you have made no effort whatsoever to dress up for the outdoor salsa pool party, then you will be expelled from the island via the Malta Cannon, which hasn’t seen military use since World War 2. You’ll be sent into the Mediterranean with your “discharge” papers. Just kidding. There’s no cannon. All you actually need for the outdoor salsa pool party is to bring yourself and a fun, party attitude.

You may find some pool related competitions and other activities organized too for your maximum enjoyment. If you don’t want to take part in them, then watching can be fun too. But we’d love you to take part.

With our outdoor salsa pool party, showing up is half the fun. And a party is only a party with lots of people. The more, the merrier.