Our Team

The Malta Salsa Festival 2012 Production team includes big names from all across the world, leading the way in hosting festivals and parties that are world class!

Oxley of London has been producing salsa events for over 20 years and really sets off the party on the right foot. Marika shows off excellent interior design for the party and sets up environments true to the salsa culture and experience. Pedja, Rubio and Louie promote the party that we all have so much fun at! Chris is in charge of all the art around the Malta Salsa Festival 2012, and Francis keeps the finances afloat. You’ll find Janine at the head office setting up international airline trips and translating languages. Last but not least, George has been salsa partying for about 10 years and keeps hotels running smoothly! Our production team hosts the best parties and festivals in the world. Won’t you join us? See why everyone’s talking about the Salsa In Malta festival and all the fun you can have here. Book your next vacation and experience over 100 years of dance, music and culture with our diverse and experienced production team.

Oxley of London – Producer

Oxley of London is the lead producer of the Malta Salsa Festival 2012. Oxley was born in London and have been dancing salsa for more than 20 years. Oxley is world renowned for production work on Events at the World famous, Jazz Cafe, Fashion Cafe and the Cafe de Paris, invited Guest dj at the MTV Annuals in Malta and other international Festivals around the world.

Yameli Frontella Reyes – Who we can’t do without and The special adviser of the company.

Marika Distefano – Director

Marika is the director of interior design for a top company in Malta. Marika has been in Salsa for 5 years now and is passionate and happy with the Malta Salsa Festival 2012.

Pedja Miletic – Salsa in Malta Festival Promotions Manager

Pedja owns his own Video Production company and has been involved in some incredible top projects for the Salsa in Malta festival since 2010.

Louie St Clair – World Wide Promotions

Louie is a famous promoter and runs his own night clubs. Louie has been in Salsa for over 15 years.

Chris Sita – Artist Guru

Chris runs his own promotion company and is based in London where he runs a salsa club and a kizomba club for nightlife all over London.

Janine Boppart – Switzerland/Germany

Janine works for an international airline and is based in the head office in Zurich. Janine is in charge of linguistic events and making sure that any correspondence for the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 is answered regardless of language.

Francis Delavega – France

Francis works in banking and work for an international banking firm that is based in Paris. Francis also takes care of the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 Promotions.

George Daniels – Scandinavia

George works in an exciting hotel chain in Norway. George has been grooving in salsa for almost 10 years. This year he will be part of the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 production team.

Rubio Encarno – Spain/Latin America

Rubio is a great teacher and has been dancing salsa for 10 years. Rubio is taking care of Spanish speaking Promos during the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 and has been passionate about both!

Svetlana Korunovic – Hospitality

Stephen Malilla – Hospitality

Cristina Stan – Hospitality