You want to be a hot salsero?

If the answer is Yes, then check out a few of the answers to questions that are more frequently asked.

What is a salsa festival?

Salsa festivals are held throughout the world, but clearly the Mediterranean has all of the flavours of salsa that you’ll find in Central or South America. The Afro Cuban dance craze is hitting Malta this summer at the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 and the buzz of energy that is created by having so many great performers at one venue is something that can’t be equalled.

Do I have to be any good to participate in the Malta Salsa Festival 2012?

Novices are just as welcome as those who have trained in salsa all their lives. You’ll learn how there are three steps in every four beats, and what you can do on the fourth beat. Get to grips with that, and you might even be improvising within a few hours. Don’t be afraid to be bad and to just let go. You’re here for a reason: To become a salsero, accomplished or not. Remember too that dancing with conviction is better than playing a wallflower at a salsa event, and instructors who teach at all skill levels are here to help. People of all ages and experience are more than welcome.

Is the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 itself any good?

This event was held in 2010 for the first time, and 1,000 people took part. The Malta Salsa Festival 2012 has expanded, taking up residence in a larger venue with more amenities. We have every faith that it’s a great experience, based on the feedback from previous guests. There is a themed party every night of the festival, with public transport into and out of Malta. You have the use of a Beauty Centre throughout the festival too. There are also sightseeing tours available.

What is Malta Salsa Festival?

Malta Salsa festival is a convention that brings together the world’s renowned salsa dancers, Instructors, performers and DJs.

Where is the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 held?

It is a function that takes place at the Malta Island.

When is the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 held?

Malta Salsa is held annually. It was first held on October 2010. During this time, it attracted over 1000 visitors.

Do I have to be an experienced Salsero to attend?

Of course not! Malta Salsa Festival 2012 is a festival open to all people. If you cannot get on stage, you can watch.