Ballroom Dancing tux or casual wear?

Balance a sense of style with an ability to bop and you should be okay at the outdoor salsa pool party. Similarly, an ill-fitting dress that keeps stuff from spilling out when you’re standing or walking might not be best when you’re being thrown into a spin by your dance partner. You’ll find yourself asking for safety pins while he’s pulling up his trousers after the top button burst. Which brings us to the guys: Dress to impress, like the ladies, but make sure your clothes are easy to dance in.


What about shoes?

If it’s what you’re into, you can dance your socks off at the outdoor salsa pool party. But when it comes to putting your shoes back on, your feet may be so swollen that they no longer fit. You may not notice the pain till morning if you’re having a really good time.

Make sure that you bring comfy shoes in which to dance, as with the classes or festival events that you attend during the day. Manolos or Doc Marten boots are not likely to work at most of our parties if you want to dance.

All of this is irrelevant if you don’t intend to dance in order to save your feet for the training and other events. But note that once those salsa rhythms or your fave dance track comes on at the outdoor salsa pool party, you may regret your decision.

What else can I expect?

Our themed pool parties are THEMED. Dress accordingly. If you have nothing in your wardrobe, don’t fret. Come along anyway. Nobody’s gonna call the Malta Sposeda Brigade just coz you’re sposeda be dressed differently. You’ll have a great time whatever you wear at the outdoor salsa pool party. But bring any accessories like deodorant, hair accessories such as brushes and pins, and anything else that you think will relate to enhancing your appearance as the night progresses. Bringing swimwear is optional.