Bring with you…

Louboutin heels may dazzle with those red soles flashing, but many of them are not the best shoes in the world when it comes to dancing of any kind. Even if you’ve truly broken in a pair of two inch pumps, you may find that when dancing for hours each day at the Malta Salsa Festival 2012, that this is not the case.
Whether you’re a salsa suelta performer or you’ve got a partner to lead you, after hours of salsa your feet are gonna smart. With your feet working so hard, they may even swell, making wearing the heels even more painful. So, while you are at Malta Salsa Festival 2012, make sure you have a great pair of jazz sneakers or flats, with cushioned or gel soles. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander – men ought to wear comfortable shoes too. Simply ask professionals for their advice, or approach shoe sellers and ask their opinions.

That epic substance comprising hydrogen and oxygen is what makes life, never mind what makes life worth living. So bring plenty of water and make sure that you are hydrated. Isotonic drinks and sodas are good, but they are notorious for providing a kind of fuel that is a quick fix. Water is clearly the healthier option. Heat exhaustion isn’t funny, and the great climate of Malta won’t help matters if you’re burning up energy through the magic of dance on the Malta Salsa Festival 2012.

But what happens when you drink water? You’ll burn it off in perspiration. Salsa is gonna make you sweat. Try to make sure that you don’t look like Richard Nixon at a presidential debate. Better to look like JFK. (Although let’s forget about his relationship with Cuba.) Keep deodorant close at hand and towels nearby too. Darker clothes are clearly better than lighter ones when it comes to showing up sweat under the (metaphorical) spotlights. However, don’t be afraid to take bathroom breaks and wipe down your body with soap and water before towelling down. And don’t forget to reapply your deodorant.


Are you attending salsa festival for the first time? Maybe you are excited or wondering how the festive will be like. There are a number of tips that you need to factor for you to make your visit to this place the best. There are a number of essential that you need to carry.


The main thing you will want to bring on the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 of course is your swimsuit.  Malta is meant to be enjoyed with all of its sunny weather, golden beaches and comfortable Mediterranean Sea to swim in.  Malta has great weather all year round after all.

Bring sandals and dance shoes for pool parties and salsa dancing, as well as sun screen while you are out tanning. For gents, point leather shoes will do good. Look for broken in comfortable shoes for easy movement on the stage of Malta Salsa Festival 2012.

Cameras are important to make for a memorable experience.  Pictures will stay with you long after the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 is over and stick as memories for years to come.

It’s easy to bring work with you on the Malta Salsa Festival 2012 but that has its place.