Must see

Public transport is a great option in Malta, as bus services operate to serve the tourist centres and the built up areas on the island. Buses are both efficient and cheap. There are certain fixed taxi rates on the island too. When it comes to sight seeing, you can find open top double decker buses and vintage buses on Malta that take you on guided tours of the islands.

cmg_towe01_lrgIf you don’t like your history, the foods of the islands are quite delicious and unique. There’s little need to bring your biscuit tin or your baked beans: You’ll also find stuff you definitely like if you’re choosy – international fare of various kinds – but you’ll also find rabbit, snails, and “pastizzi” (with fillings of rice or peas) on the menus in some Maltese places. Don’t be afraid to explore Malta’s fishing villages and smaller towns, sampling the local fare.

As an island culture, Malta has some very wonderfully coloured and decorated traditional fishing vessels to admire. Also available are yacht rentals and you can hire a boat with relative ease – and a pilot, if needed – for a tour of the coast. There are sea taxis and ferries travelling between the islands too. If your sea legs are as good as your dancing feet, you’ll find yourself in paradise in Malta.

A local softdrink called Kinnie ought to be tried for its bitter sweet taste. It might just be the mixer you’ve been searching for all your life as you check out the club scene in Paceville. Paceville is the place to be if you want to throw some shapes and have a bop. It is unlikely to have been named Paceville because you ought to pace yourself while checking out the night life, but this is probably a good idea anyway.